My clients are creative and imaginative professionals with problems in need of the right design solution.

When you hire me as your designer, you hire a collaborator to see your vision through.

Hi, I’m Nikkita Cohoon. As a designer with a background in fine art and creative writing, anything I do can become an act of art-making. My time spent in printmaking has instilled me with a love for the collaborative studio atmosphere, and that impacts the way that I think and design, and how I interact with my clients too. In addition to designing websites for creatives, creating book covers and interiors for presses and journals, and making eye-catching documents and graphics for small businesses, I’m also an artist, writer, and crafter. Like many of my clients, I have a unique vision I want to share with the world and I love giving life to the visions of others through design, handmade goods and artwork, or through sharing one of the skills I’m passionate about.

Recent Work