Book + Document Design

One of my passions is showcasing thoughtfully crafted content in a form that suits it best. I love working with indie publishers in need of a designer to bring out the inherent qualities in the work to be published through typesetting, layout, and cover design.

I also love working with infopreneurs and creatives looking to showcase their knowledge through beautifully designed PDF worksheets, e-books, and guides. PDFs are available as standalone documents or packaged with coordinating promotional images.

I have experience working with small presses and journals, as well as a background in printmaking and book arts, ensuring that I can make use of both traditional and modern techniques to suit the content at hand. Because I always consider content first, I can help you select the appropriate format for your project including a book, PDF, flyer, brochure, poster, pamphlet, or something else you have in mind.



Pricing varies from project to project and factors in the various elements in need of design, amount of development and time involved, scope of project, and how it will be implemented. I’ll provide you an estimate before you hire me so that you know what to expect. If you have a set budget, let me know when you get in touch and I will let you know if or how I can accommodate it.

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