Hannah and I will be back to our posts on each others’ blogs next week, but in the meantime, I thought I’d share a recent project with you. A. Minetta Gould asked me to create a book for her chapbook Elephant: Poems for a benefit auction (elephant themed) in Boise. For a trunk-like feel we decided on an accordion. The backs use patterned paper with hand painted detailing. I liked the exposed chipboard for the covers, and made use of my new best friend Absorbent Ground along with watercolors for the cover design.

ele5 ele4 ele3 ele2 ele1

*Please don’t mind the busy surroundings. I am a lazy (and not very good) photographer.

  • Very awesome.  Boise has a very vibrant book arts culture.  When I was there, I took book arts classes at the Idaho Center for the Book, which was its own department at Boise State.  They have a juried artists book show every year called the Booker’s Dozen.  You should submit!

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