I work one-on-one with creatives and small businesses to provide custom design and content solutions. I love especially working with artists, writers, and creative small business owners who have a big vision they want to see realized, even if it’s in a small way.

Whether it’s a website that matches the tone and feel of your new novel, your poems in an artfully made book, a blank journal to write your best ideas, a poster to advertise a reading, event, or art opening, or an invitation for your wedding, I’d love to collaborate with you on your next project.

Interested in working with me? Learn about my process or contact me about your project.


Web Design & Branding

My services are especially suited to creatives who have work they would like to showcase in an attractive and accessible format, as well as small businesses in need of an informational website that showcases what they do best. We’ll work together to assess your content so that I can create a site that best showcases your work and matches your content in tone.

My web design services come as a package to include any branding graphics (such as header/logo, typography, patterns, etc.) and custom elements needed to create a cohesive site tailored to your needs. Websites are designed within a content management system to allow you to update your portfolio and content after the site is completed, and I’ll make sure you’re comfortable making those changes on your own.

Please note that you will be required to provide your own hosting service, which is not included in the cost of web design services. I am happy to help you select one based on your needs.

Any of the branding graphics needed for a website are also available as stand-alone designs. Need a logo, business card, or something else to promote yourself or your business? I can help with that too.

Book & Document Design

One of my passions is showcasing thoughtfully crafted content in a form that suits it best. I love working with indie publishers in need of a designer to bring out the inherent qualities in the work to be published through typesetting, layout, and cover design.

I have experience working with small presses and journals, as well as a background in printmaking and book arts, ensuring that I can make use of both traditional and modern techniques to suit the content at hand. Because I always consider content first, I can help you select the appropriate format for your project including a book, PDF, flyer, brochure, poster, pamphlet, or something else you have in mind.

Invitations & Event Graphics

I can design promotional items and invitations for any event you’d like to celebrate or promote.

Wedding invitations can be customized based on your theme, colors, and personalities. My invitations celebrate the couple, not the trends.

Reading and event posters are great for promotion and commemoration, and I love to give them intrigue and personality. I can design based on a concept you have in mind or I’m happy to come up with one for you!

With experience in association management, I’ve created logos for several annual conferences, taking the location, theme, and conference focus into consideration to create an eye-catching design.

If you’re conducting some grass roots marketing, I can help create flyers and handouts for your upcoming events or your business.

Handmade Paper Goods

My paper goods celebrate the beautiful object, the weight of a finely made book in the hand, the feel of the pen on the page, and the art of correspondence (don’t let it be lost!). The shop highlights lovingly hand-crafted notebooks, journals, paper ephemera, and art prints with a mix of found and vintage materials and hand embellishments.

I can create custom journals and artist books, as well as personalized stationery sets. Visit my Etsy shop Tea & Toast to learn more, or contact me if you have a custom request.


Part of any creative practice is sharing it with others. Because my interests are many, I’m always refining them and expanding the possibilities of what I can do. I love sharing my interests with others in community or academic settings. Visit my blog to check for any upcoming events, or contact me if you’re interested in one-on-one instruction or an in-home workshop. Have a group of friends who wants to learn printmaking, bookmaking, collage, or poetry? I’m always happy to design a workshop for an interested group.

Freelance Work

I’m available as an independent contractor for small businesses in need of design, creative consulting, branding, content management, or editing. Contact me with what you need and I’ll let you know how I can help.

Have something in mind you don’t see listed here? Get in touch!


Pricing varies from project to project and factors in the various elements in need of design, amount of development and time involved, scope of project, and how it will be implemented. I’ll provide you an estimate before you hire me so that you know what to expect. If you have a set budget, let me know when you get in touch and I will let you know if or how I can accommodate it.