Design Process

My clients are creative and imaginative with problems in need of the right design solution. When you hire me as your designer, you hire a collaborator to see your vision through.

1. Get in touch.

Contact me by filling out the form below, or sending me an email with the project you have in mind. I’m happy to consult with you if you’re unsure about what you really need. Together, we’ll determine if I’m the right fit for you and how I can help. Once we’ve decided to go forward, I’ll send you an estimate to sign off on so there are no surprises.

2. Collaborate.

Our collaboration will begin with a conversation. I’ll spend time learning about you and your project, and you’ll have a chance to tell me about your goals, your ideas, and your vision. The clearer we both are on the project’s goals and considerations from the beginning, the more efficiently I can work to create the best design solution for your project.

3. Research and development.

Once the project goals are established, I’ll spend time researching, sketching, and exploring multiple ideas so that I can deliver a solution that is well thought out and best suited for your needs. Much of this is behind the scenes, but sometimes I may check in with you to get a better idea of your needs.

4. Feedback.

Each project is different. For larger projects, we may determine various stages for you to provide input, and for smaller, I may just provide a finalized file for you to review.

Regardless, you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and we’ll make sure the final files are the right fit for your project.

Once you’re satisfied, an invoice will be sent and the project files will be delivered to you upon payment.

5. Celebrate!

You’ll have everything you need to implement your project. I’m always happy to share the results in my portfolio and through social media to showcase a successful collaboration.

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