Web Branding Process

Our Collaboration Step-by-Step

01 | Book.

After you have selected the service package you would like, I will send you a contract and an invoice to book my services and secure your place on my calendar. We will work together to select a time for which you are readily available to provide timely feedback.

02 | Prepare.

After I receive your deposit, I’ll send you a branding workbook to get a better idea of the scope of the project, and help you to define your brand voice more clearly. This gives me a chance to learn about you and your project, and you’ll have a chance to tell me about your goals, your ideas, and your vision. The clearer we both are on the project’s goals and considerations from the beginning, the more efficiently I can work to create the best design solution for your project.

The branding workbook must be completed in advance of the project start date to ensure I have all the information I need to create the best designs for you in a timely fashion. This is also the time for you to finalize and collect any content, photographs, products, or additional items needed if we’re creating a website together.

03 | Research + Vision alignment.

We’ll begin with an inspiration board: a collection of images, typography, and graphic elements I’ll collect to set the tone for your new design, and give you something to visually respond to. I’ll also send a color palette to get started. Once approved, I’ll move forward with the various stages of design: logo, supporting graphics, brand board, and web design (if applicable).

04 | Brand Development + Refinement.

After the inspiration board is approved, the design fun begins! I’ll send a PDF presentation of 2 concepts for logos and initial ideas for supporting brand elements.

05 | Refine.

We’ll work together to choose one direction and build out the package elements and web design. At each step, you’ll be given a chance to provide feedback and request up to two rounds of revisions at no cost (after two rounds of revisions, additional changes are billed at $75/hour). Then I’ll put it all together into a brand guide for you to learn how to put all your brand goodies to use.

06 | Package + Chat.

Once all designs are finalized, I’ll put it all together into a brand guide so you’ll know how to best put your new designs to use. I’ll include information about the fonts I’ve used and where you can find them, color palette with web and print values, suggested uses for logo types and graphics, and more. This is also the time you’re site design will be activated on your website.

With everything finalized, we’ll schedule a Skype chat to review your branding materials and site maintenance if applicable. You’ll have the chance to ask questions, hear my recommendations for implementing your new designs, and review everything that’s been packaged for you so you can make the best use of it. For websites, I also go over your site’s back end to make sure you’re comfortable making updates and maintenance going forward.


You’ll have everything you need to implement your project. I’m always happy to share the results in my portfolio and through social media to showcase a successful collaboration.

TIMELINE. A timeline specific to your project will be created and sent in your welcome package once you book my services. In general, with timely feedback branding packages take about 4 weeks, and web design takes an additional 2-3 weeks.